Dr. Jack Dixon

The Practical Owner/Operator of ClericWagon


He is a lean, middle aged guy with as many scars as your average street samurai. He’s unlucky and has a low luck attribute (lowest avail for a human) and it shows.
He lives the doctor lifestyle, though. He needs cash for vehicle improvements, medkits, chemicals, slappatches, and especially, his “high” lifestyle. It costs 10000y monthly to keep him in the things he enjoys. His day job is worth some of it, but he has to do runs to afford the rest. He has one of the most expensive phones, expensive contact lenses, expensive clothes; he burns through money. Ideally, he’s saving up for high end biotec or delta implants to compensate for his inevitable gruesome maiming due to bad luck. I’d also say he’s got lung cancer but it’s not anything that affects his stats (except they’re all 2) and he’s been saving up for that, too. There’s just a dark cloud on this guy’s aura.

As for the place he hangs out, he usually parks the ClericWagon next to the Blue Plate Diner during the day. Also, he gives out merchandise and business cards to everyone. He services anyone who can pay and sometimes people who can’t. He puts up a gruff front so people don’t take advantage, but he swore a Hippocratic oath which he still takes pretty seriously. That’s why he carries a squirt gun and his pistol will have gel bullets with sedatives (probably).

His backstory is still pretty simple: he’s outlived every shadowrunner he’s known. On his day job runs, he is the last man in and the first man out, if he even goes in. He prefers to park the vehicle a block from the target and help the team on the way out. In our party, he’s going to be doing things differently because he met these guys in a tavern and knows he can trust them with his life.

Dr. Jack Dixon

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