In the grim dark future, biting off more than you can chew is the way of life for a Shadowrunner! Whether it entails getting in a gun fight with a man fused with an insane Artificial Intelligence, being betrayed by your own clone, having your memory erased, haggling with an air spirit, or simply hacking into a military corporation’s mainframe computer via the blender in their break room… In the grim dark future, the only person you can trust is the man with the connections – and that is just because at least you know he will screw you over. Information that solid is somehow comforting. In the grim dark future, the only glimmer of hope is looking forward to the next run in order to afford your next technological fix. In the grim dark future the only way to have the edge, is to be a Shadowrunner!


Dannyrun Anyuita Jp12x Etheria Teleute