Neela's Unedited Notes
To Be Sorted

The team tracks down a kidnapped scientist assistant Dr. Wormser, who was held hostage by a mercenary gang called The Bulls. Rescued Wormser from the Hideout. Alcor Bio Laboratories hires us.
Dr. Mark was working with Dr. Wormer on a new brain chip but the experiment went haywire (catastrophically). Dr. Mark ran away and Wormser had gone out looking for him, hense him getting kidnapped. The team is now hired to investigate & see if they can track Mark down. The only leads are the home address & the address of some relatives. Investigation. Going to check on the Yacht. John tours the yacht harbor/club. 4 successes to stroll the dock. 1 success Assensing: nothing of note. On the mark’s yacht, I find a near dead prostitute. We call John in & retire back to Jack’s yacht. Woman is revived. Security said he had been intoxicated and fled, hurting a guard. We have her and a datebook we found in the mark’s yacht, with the “Vindication Society” (heavily underlines). She is an adept, he flips out & beats her up. No steet drugs. Meet back up at the Phoenix, regroup & go to the apartment. Pick lock to get in, pile of mail 3 feet tall. Find a picture of Kitty Hawk, Dr. Mark, and an older woman in the pile of male. Find a wand with tunes under the bed. It’s a summoning wand for ‘Man’ in spirit form. We break into his doctor’s office, see his records: loaded with Delta tech, Low Essence, Magically impotent, uses wand to make magic. Also, he’s crazy.
Mansion – people in druid robes entering wireless-free, tech-free area. Talking about him, he’s the leader of the group & wants to strike soon.
Fly down to NorCal, rural town where Dr. Mark’s sister lives. I stealthily check her home from the outside & believe his sister (age 65) is inside). We wait till later when she leaves on her bike to go to a barbeque. Sister says he went to an observatory in Nepal that will fit his research. Observatory is likely in the mountains. Nepal is a mix of old tradition, modern tech, and cybersquatters. In flight move was TMNT 66: The Turtles Take Nepal starring Bertie Lee. 5 telescopes at the corporate-owned facility. I investigate the wreckage of a probe drone & determine that it’s been shot down. Ahead of us are 3 scuttled 7 abandoned vans. Sal checks the black box hard drive of the drone and finds it is linked to someone called Computer1 but does not belong to the observatory. Sal increases his stealth and has a slight burning during urination and head ache. John and Kitty Hawk shoot down drone copters when they attack us. Sal takes over one and keeps it. He hacks it and sends false information back. An SUV is coming down the road, Anna hits them, & their car is teetering of the cliff, Jack’s troll pushes it off. We get to the observatory & the telescopes to the far left is glowing with something behind, which is Dr. Mark, his body is glowing, wire connecting him to solar panels, generators, & unmarked barrels. Sal flies a drone into the solar panels, fire fight ensues, I take 50% cover. I blow up a large barrel and take out three armored guys. Sal dies while given medical assistance to Kitty Hawk, who is heavily wounded. It is observed that Dr. Mark has a large computer chip on his neck. I do 7 damage to an armed guy near me. He’s almost dead. Anna decapitates him with the monofilament whip. The trolls been taking down people. I assense & see a giant beam of light going from the observatory dome into the sky. Doctor also has a diminishing aura. I summon Ganesh and ask for any advise. He tells me to find a way to turn of the beam, Dr. Jack Dixon turn the beam off from a control center, Dr. Mark’s glow dims more.
After the battle, we check the barrels which are full of beryllium, cobalt, cadmium. I sever Sal’s head and a gerbil runs away, finally free & grants me one wish (collect later). I attach Sal’s head to my belt by the hair. I take more photos inside, Mark wanted to nuke the astral world, we find from his notes.
In the middle of the night, I hear a clattering against my window, it is an realistic robot eagle who claims to be an internet god that Sal worshipped named Mahasarasmitriksa or MSM. I suspect it is an AI but let it stay. Meeting at the Steel Phoenix, guy who works for Rapitech, Ollie’s Orc clone, offers us a job. [Rapitech military supplies & enhancements.] He wants to leave & asks for our help. We got one brain-bomb code. Need two more. A group of cloned orphans hire us to steal the voodoo man’s knife, which has their brother’s DNA, They want it back to clone him from the material, se we trail the voodoo guy to the shack he’s living in and selling drugs to bikers from. We ambush him lethally… and take some of his chickens. We decide to take care of the kids, enroll them various schools, and set them up in an apartment paid for by John.
We find that the brainbomb code is on a plane that refuels in the Nevada desert from a grid station. We arrive in thermoptic camouflage & take out the groud staff. Once they land, John and MSM (in a new gynoid body design as a surprise by Kitty Hawk) get into the plane to take out the crew. I stand watch outside. One of the fuelers is 10 ft away urinating. I sneak up behind him and attept to take him in the neck with the kris. We grapple, he has a pistol. I stab him in the taint and finish him.
Job finished and 70,000 each. Clone #1 has actually had the 3rd code all this time. A clone of Olly McOrcson. I quit the phone sex sidejob and take on the role of personal assistant and shopper for MSM, who is now using the name Ms. Sara Mah. She give me $50,000 to buy her Tiffany Elegance Shooting Bracers, pain-inducing SimTouch Hosiery, a Drone Purse, a Protective Cocktail Dress and a new wardrobe (which will largely consist of Agent Provocateur lingerie).


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