Neela Chandrasekhar

Cannibalistic Elven Courier & Personal Shopper for MSM


In Hindi “Neela” translates to “sky blue” and Chandrasekhar is a surname meaning “holder of the moon”.

She is a healthy-looking dark-skinned woman with black hair past her shoulders, and she usually wears combat boots, unfashionable sunglasses, and several loose layers of brown and black, non-reflective clothing, easily concealing her gun and Kris knife. Her English is heavily accented, and her favorite music is the American group The Scorpions. She could be described as chaotic neutral.

Her personality is fairly low-key, she keeps to herself and doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. When working in a group she will respect her comrades, though she may not always feel the need to go out of her way for people if she thinks she cannot trust them.

Neela Chandrasekhar

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